Meet Kimberley

 kimberleyKimberley is originally from Merritt, British Columbia, Canada but has been calling Fort McMurray, Alberta home for 10+ years. She shares her life with her husband, step son, daughter & furry family member, Rolo. Some of her favorite things include; lululemon headbands, disney, yoga, traveling, cupcakes and social media. Growing up as an old child, animals have played a very important role in her life. She could never repay her childhood dog Sparky for all of the life lessons and support she has given her through some difficult times in her life, including her parents divorce. In 2011, her life changed when a certain German Shepherd entered her life. In 2013, Kimberley took her passion for animals, being a shelter animal advocate & dog mom and launched her own pet blog “Confessions of a Rescue Mom” to inspire others looking to adopt through real life stories and adventures. It also gives an inside look into her life as a dog mom to former shelter dog, Rolo. Did you know that our blog was initially created to assist Rolo’s former shelter; The Fort McMurray SPCA with creating a bigger social media presence. 

Her blog grew so rapidly that she started featuring animal shelters from around the world in hopes of trying to help them, just like she did with the FMSPCA. From Puerto Vallarta, Mexico all the way to Australia, we love supporting shelters!  Just after that another expansion occurred – pet product reviews. Rolo was super excited for this expansion, as was I. We love that we can help influence people on products. We give honest opinions and feature great photos & videos showcasing these products.
picmonkey-collage3Rolo has accomplished so much in the 5+ years he has been in her life and to think that when he was first adopted, he didn’t even like her! Now he is her shadow & truthfully her best friend. Over the years they have been very lucky to have been featured in various online media and prints. Below she have tried to gather up various things they have been featured in. A big shout out to all those who have helped us share Rolo’s story or chat about our views, Thank You!

* Newspaper – Snap Wood Buffalo – Various Editions
* Shaw Cable Episode about Famous Dogs in YMM Watch Here

* YMM Magazine – Prevent, Prepare & Protect Click Here
* YMM Magazine – Rolo’s Guide to YMM Click Here
* YMM Magazine – Home & Garden Guide – How to create a Pet friendly back yard Read Here
* YMM Magazine – Local Gift Picks for Pets

* McMurray Girl Magazine(Summer 2013) – Featured on Pages 9, 49-51 Click Here
* Rescue Me Magazine – Rolo featured as one of the Faces Of Rescue
* Animal Wellness Magazine – Dog of the Year Announcement
* Canadian Dogs Annual – Dog Of The Year Announcement Click Here
* People Pets – Cutest Pet of the day
* Canadian WeBlog Awards 2014 – Nominated in 2 categories Click Here
* YMM Magazine – How to Host a Pet Friendly Party Read Here
* PetPr.Com – Blogger Profile Interview Click Here
* Dog Works Radio – Radio Interview with Fivesibes about Canine Epilepsy Read & Listen Here
* PetSmart Charities – Rescue Story Read Here
* Canine Epilepsy Calendar 2015 – Featured in January
* Neighbors of North Timberlea – Issue 10/March 2016
* Newspaper – Fort McMurray Connect – Volume 12/Issue 17 April 28, 2016
* Lucky Puppy Magazine – Our Evacuation Story Read Here


Periscope, Twitter & Instagram: rescuemomblog


15 thoughts on “Meet Kimberley

  1. writetowag says:

    Your pictures are lovely, especially the bottom one…that grin Rolo has …He is one happy doggie!!!! I had a cocker spaniel for 16 years…He was my furry angel and still continues to be!!!! Happy day to you…Looking forward to all your posts!!!!

  2. barb19 says:

    I love that you support rescue dogs. My friend just rescued a shih-tzu that was used for breeding, and she is the sweetest little dog. I think she rescued my friend too (she had to have her own dog put down a few months before through old age). They are perfect for each other.
    Thanks for following my blog.

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