Spotlight – Winky Rides & Greb Glides

Picture this...your driving down the road and a motor cycle drives beside you. It's not an everyday motor cycle because this one is pulling a 100 lb German Shepherd wearing goggles behind it in a trailer! He is grinning ear to ear as the air brushes against his fur. I can't remember the first time … Continue reading Spotlight – Winky Rides & Greb Glides

Purple Day 2018 #Pets4PurpleDay

Today, March 26th is Purple Day.  A day near and dear to my heart. You see my Rolo didn’t develop Epilepsy over time with us. We adopted him knowing that we were going to be taking care of a special needs dog for the rest of his life and I was okay with that. There … Continue reading Purple Day 2018 #Pets4PurpleDay